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Over the past 18 months Global Fabrication, Inc., has concentrated it’s intellectual, financial and production resources on aggressive development of breakthrough innovative technologies and has designed in conjunction with partners from major USA equipment vendors, R&D facilities and institutions efficient equipment for multipurpose small scale LCNG Production & Fueling Complexes to fulfill the needs of today’s transportation sector. Over this period our staff has simulated, analyzed and optimized hundreds of scenarios and design variants for our proprietary, patent pending small scale Natural Gas Complexes to provide the perfect balance taking into account the cost of invested capital, the operational cost of the system as well as the space needed to properly house the plant all while maintaining the highest possible regard for safety. This project has been driven by the growing global natural gas reserves, especially here in North America, the favorable gas prices now in effect and stricter emission regulations that are being enacted every year. Due to these facts LNG/CNG is gaining momentum as a substitute for traditional oil-based fuels in transportation vehicle engines, power generation and process industries. This emerging “LCNG” market calls for the availability of decentralized small-to-medium scale LCNG plants and is now beginning to grow beyond a niche market into the mainstream of transportation industries. Global’s idea for the small to medium sized LCNG production is to standardize and optimize a small-to-medium scale LCNG plant based on a wide set of process variations. This concept is designed to cover about 90% of real-life transportation industry conditions.

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